Tuesday, May 12, 2009

TWITTERPATED - Let Me Introduce Myself

One of the first things I wanted to do after having my Twitter account was set up an informative profile. I like being able to get and give information at a glance. And one way people with similar interests will find me is the accurate and specific information in my profile.

I had a little trouble finding where to enter my profile data. The place to start is the "Settings" tab at the top of your "Home" page. You can edit your profile fields that come up when you click on the "Account" tab.

One of the most important fields is the One Line Bio, because it appears along with your photo on a lot of searches. I want followers who are really share my interests, so I wanted to pack in as many tag words as possible. Lots of people seem to repeat information here that's already been entered, like location. Just like a by-the-word classified ad, if they already know it leave it out.

While you're on the "Settings" page, click on the "Picture" tab to put in your photo. In the interest of estabilishing comfort and familiarity (I think they call it "branding"), I used my Etsy avatar as my Twitter photo.

They suggest your photo be square, or they will crop it and it may not be what you'd expected. Don't enter too small a photo, because viewers can enlarge it, and the Twitter People will resize it for you. The maximum size is 700k, and they accept JPG, GIF, and PNG formats.

The other tabs on the "Settings" page are Password -- if you're having a problem or need to change, Devices -- the scary place I do no go, where you connect Twitter to your mobile communication device, Notices and Design. I'm going to try out some design options later but I'm just going simple for now.

You may want to make some changes on the "Notices" tab. I've copies your options from the page with a few tips:

Auto Nudge: Nudge me if I haven’t updated in 24 hours
This will send a txt to your phone.

New Follower Emails: Email when someone starts following me

Direct Text Emails: Email when I receive a new direct message

Email Newsletter: I want the inside scoop—please send me email updates!

These settings control how much we bug you about various things.

* Nudge only works if you have a registered device and it is on.
* The @ Replies setting can be confusing. Read the help article if you're unsure.
* Be sure your email is correct in account settings to receive emails.

I did some searching about the @replies question. This is the way you send a Tweet directed to just one specific user. You address it to @ followed by the user name. If you've chosen to have your updates public apparently anyone can read these, at least I saw a lot in looking at posts. It sounds like if you get one of these it goes in the sidebar of your home page, not just mixed in with all the thousands of other tweets all your friends are sending.

In my next post I'm going to start to actually make contact. I'll start "following" people, and if I'm as wonderful as I think I am I'll get some followers. I'll post, and I'll share what seems to be the typical post I'm seeing from others.

Go get signed up. I'm thinking this could be kind of fun...or a major time waster...or something that falls by the wayside.

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